This Week’s Drought Summary

In the forecasting week from 09 to 15 September 2019, drought condition becomes very much better especially in the middle and eastern parts of the LMB where severe drought was dominating for the past weeks. Rain continues through August and the first two weeks of September taking place in the Middle, Eastern, and South-Eastern parts of the region bringing water level at Khong Chiem, Pakse, Stung Treng, Kratie, Kampong Cham, and Koh Khel up to alarm level from the first week of September. However, there was still very little rain in the Northern part of the LMB making water level from Chiang Saen to Savannakhet significantly low. 

Though overall drought condition is at normal condition showing by the Combined Drought Index at most part of the LMB, SPI value is still indicating that severe drought is taking place in North of LMB, Northeastern Thailand and Northern Cambodia. This means that in the past weeks, rain was insufficient. The region is still experiencing meteorological drought in upper, middle and lower parts of the region. Fortunately, the agricultural index, SMDI shows very positive values meaning drought does not post any threat to Agriculture and the region is free of agricultural drought.

In general, this forecasting week from 09 to 15 September, LMB is at normal condition. The LMB is experiencing some meteorological and hydrological drought but has no effect on agriculture. The overall soil moisture is in preferable condition for agriculture.